Hi I´m Max.   I´ve just started enjoying retirement and live part of the year in Mexico and the rest in the UK.  My partner of 7 years is a Mexican Archaeologist. I suspect, and hope that this is the only thing I have in common with Jeremy Corbyn – a Mexican partner!

I have always been interested in business, finance, and investment. I started blogging about finance over 10 years ago but only recently have had enough time to dedicate myself to writing regularly.  

On finally accumulating sufficient investments to retire I realised that the easy part was accumulating the money (even though it didn´t feel that way at the time!). The true challenge was devising a strategy that would ensure the funds outlived me whilst not having to live in poverty.

Returning to writing the blog has made me research and analyse in depth the retirement income strategies.  It never ceases to amaze me that with so many highly educated researchers dedicated to the theme of retirement planning that there is little consensus about the optimum financial strategy. My hope is that the solutions that I adopt will be useful to a wider audience.